For the Dogs We Have Lost … Gone, But Never Forgotten

CH. 5 Odyssey "Dino"
CH. Abby-Rose's Irish Flair
Alamo's Seldom Seen "Baliegh"
Alba Litter
Alpombo Miss Liberty
CH. Ana's Let Me Blow Ya Mind "Eve"
Anna Bell Mitchell
Andee Ramelow
GCH. CH. Amity Hall's All About Me, RN, CGC, TT "CJ"
CH. Amity Hall's Jujube, CGC "Jujube"
Amity Hall's Kiss Me Kate "Katie"
CH. Amity Hall's Rainy Night "Rainy"
CH. Amity Hall's Rock the Casbah, CGC, TT "Cassye"
Amity Hall's Shock & Awe "Emma"
GCH. CH. Amity Hall's Ticket to Vegas "Peanut"
Angel Hatten
Aracrest's Witches Spell
Araby American Express
Araby American Gigilo "Iggy"
GCH. CH. Araby Friendly Encounter "Tess"
Ares Bearden-Carr
CH. Arriba Talisman Id "Id"
GCH. CH./CAN CH. Arriba Talisman Maximus "Maximus"
CH. Arriba Talisman Outrageous "Rage"
CH. Arriba Talisman Play With Fire "Lucky"
Astro Kelly Reeves
Aunt Jessie Kuhn
Auted's Cindy
Auted's Dragonlady, CD
Auted's Pendragon, CD "Herk"
B & D's You Oughta See da Other Guy "Shiner"
CH. B Jay's Traveling Man "Travis"
Bachbett's Lexie Von Rebel "Lexie"
CH. Backwoods-Conquest's Little Ms. Magic "Jamie"
Bailey Annann
CH. Baldr's Celestacy Shoreline "Jezebel"
Bantam's Blondie Corbett
Bantam's Tuco de Jesus, CGC
CH. Banta-Reigel's Sizzlin Sensation, CD, RN
Barbary Lane General's Maddie "Maddie
CH. Barbary Lane She Is Fair "Flair"
CH. Barbary Lane Rock On "Marcus"
Bare Knuckles Walmsley
Barlau's Lysander of Belco "Andy"
Barlau's Sultry Siren "Sultry"
Baron's Lady Come Lately "Lady"
CH. Bavaria's Heartbreaker "Kris"
CH. Bayridge's Circuit Breaker
CH. Bayview's Strides Ahead, SOM "Strider"
CH. Bayview Strikes Again "Vader"
Baxter Mitchell
Bearcat's Basic Black
Bearcat's Miss Ella "Ella"
CH. Bearcat's Mr. Monopoly "Darwin"
Bearcat's Tiddly Winks "Marley"
U-CD Bee-Mike's Georgie On My Mind, CDX "Georgie"
CH. Bee-Mike's Main Squeeze
CH. BeeVee's Bad Andy "Andy"
Bee Vee's Dark Secret
Belcare's Woodrow Augustus "Woodrow"
CH. Belco's Butterfly Kiss "Patti"
CH. Belco N Evamor's Over Easy "Izzy"
AM/CAN CH. Belco's Reflection Of Two C's "Copy"
Belle Hacek
Bella "Seibert"
Bentbrook's All That Jazz "Kirby"
Bentwood's Ragtime Gal "Gracie"
Bentwood's TM Suncance "Darcie"
AM/CAN CH. Berlane N Bravo Hear Me Roar, DOM, CDOM "Sabrina"
CH. Berlane-Rosend's Tribute to BK CGC "Marcus"
CH. Berlane's Wild Thing, CD, DOMC "Stella"
CH. Big Rock's Candy Mountain "Reese"
Bimberg’s Jubilant Perfect Ten for YDK "Zehnna"
CH. Birchwood's Enchanted Secret "Tori"
CH. Birchwood's Irresistible "Toni"
Birchwoods Lili V Brockfield "Lili"
Blanche Mellon
Ch.Bluecollar's Gemini Rouler "GiGi"
CH. BNB Have Gun Will Travel "Palladin"
Bo Schreiber
Boggie Von Bocker
Boroak's Moon Dancer
UKC CH. UR01 Boxrmor Lil' Ragin Trouble RE, CGC, BN, TD "Gambit"
Box-Sin's Marquise Monique "Markie"
Boxers Lost in the Buchwald/Hansen Fire
CH. Boxwood's Celtic Knight
CH. Bracara's Show M How, CD "Kenzie"
Braun's Lady Camilla
AM/CAN CH. Breho I Bee Jam'n@KeepSake DOM, CGC "Jammee"
Breho Red Hot Hoochee Mama
GCH. CH. Breho's Watch Me Shine "Dannee"
Brentwood's Saturday Night Live "Lyndsey"
CH. Brentwood's Summer Night "Midge"
Bridgewood's Attitude Girl "Addy"
CH. Bridgewood's B.K. Kahuna, SOM, LOM "Raider"
Bridgewood's Plain N' Simple "Amber"
Britlyn's American Soldier "Toby
CH. Britlyn's O'Wendy, DOM, DOMC "Wendy"
AM/CAN CH. Britlyn's Uptown Girl "Paris"
CH. Brush Hill & LL's Star Spangled "Zoey"
Brush Hill and LL's Hi-Tech Hot Ticket "Brady"
CH. Brush Hill's Bells & Whistles, CD, RE "Abigail"
Brush Hill's Hanky Panky "Carla"
Brush Hill's Speaker of the House, VD, GRE "Tipp"
CH. Brush Hills Stan the Man for ABI "Stanley"
Bry-Crest Bean Blossom
Bubba Mellon
CAN CH. Budsobrav's Unsinkable Moe RN "Mollie"
"Bumper" Lake
Buster Brown
AM/CAN CH. Butler's I Like It, I Love It, CGC, RN, CD, NA, NAJ, NJP, NJC, CDX, OAP, OJR, RA "Mandy"
ByGeorge Cherkei I Love Lucy "Lucy"
ByGeorge Peprhl's Night Music CD, RA "Nova"
CH. C-Era Dar's Deja Vu
CH. C-Era Dar's Divine Miss M
CH. Cabernet's Sweet Obsession "Shelly"
CH. Cadances's Look At Me Shine, OA, AXJ "Josee"
Cadence's LTD Edition Peprhl "Zipper"
Cadet Farrow "Cadet"
Calimar's Gone With The Wind
Calimar's Pass the Baton "Chet"
CH. Cameliard's Coals To Newcastle
Cameliard's Luck Be a Lady
CH. Cameliard's Tribute to Starjax
Cameron Moore
CH. Can Cia's Pick Up Man
CCH. Can Cia's Striptease "Cyrus"
CH. Can Cia's Voodoo Mama "Laverne"
CH. Candy Kisses Cookies 'n Cream "Panda"
CH. Candy Kisses Emperor of TuRo "Caesar"
CH. Capriana's Bragabout, SOM "Rowdy"
Captain Kidd "Cappy"
Carmen (deaf, white)
Carrie (founding member of Atlanta Boxer Rescue)
Cassius Eckford
CH. Cayman's Sunnyside Up "Chadwick"
AM/CAN CH. Cayman's Sweetdream Come True
CH. Cayman's Sweet Georgia Brown "Georgia"
Cayman's Sweet Kayla "Kayla"
Caymans Sweet Serena "Serena"
Cayman's Sweet Spirit "Spirit"
CH. Cayman's Texas Buckaroo "Buck"
CH. Cayman's Texas Lawman "Gunner"
Caymans Double Trouble "Gus"
UCH AM CH. Cedarlin's Absolutey Fetching, CD BN RE HIC CGC RATM "Abby"
Cedarlin's Bright Beginnings "Lacy"
Cedarlin's Perfect Beginnings "Kaiah"
Celtic Rose Gotta' Have Bling "Chica"
Celticrose's Ribbon of Darkness, DC, CGC
Chance's Contessa of Fortune "Tessa"
CH. CherKei's Al Pacino "Pacino"
CherKei's An Angel Among Us
CherKei's Blue Water Blues "Little Joe"
CH. CherKei's Midnight N Montgomery "Alan"
CH. CherKei's Petticoat N Pantaloons "LuLu"
CH. CherKei's Ronard Ultimate Hope "Mikey"
CherKei's Sandpiper "Gidget"
CH. CherKei's Somrero "Mex"
CherKei's Southern Chard "Dixie"
CherKei's Southern Jewell "Angel"
CherKei's Southern Charm "Dixie"
CH. Chews Murbe Stone Rose on the Rise "Rosie"
Chloe Marie
Christina's Dempsey Duker
Cleo, CDX, NA
Cleo Arasi
GCHS CH Hebe Carmargo Sunland Br "HeBe" Coal
Cody Caliapy "Cody"
CH. CohhChoo's Farbeyond Imagination
Connemara's Esprit "Johnny"
GCH. CH. Conquest-Rosend's New Kid in Town "Riley"
CH. Conquest-Rosend Rich Girl, DOM "Tiffany"
Cooper Patrick Fitzgerald McGeraldson DelRio Caddick
Copper Hill's Black Tulip, CGC, RN, RA, RE, CD, UCD, Dog Therapy Intel
CH. Copper Hill's Oriental Silk "China"
Copper Hill's Sweet Thing CGC, CD, UCD, RN
CH. Copper Hill's Star of India "Hope"
Cove's Edge Mac The Knife "Mac"
Cove's Edge Perfect Harmony "Stevie Nicks"
CH. Crazy for Tickitbou "Nick"
CH. Creekwood's Bright Beginning "Star"
Creekwood's New Beginning, DOM "Bea"
CH. Creekwood's Pretty Woman "Julia"
CH. Crossroads On The Move
Daddy's Girl Killian, CDX, BN, RAE, MX, MXJ OF "Killian"
Dakota, CGC
Dani of the World, CGC, BN RA, NW2, L1L, L1C, IJC, IAC, TN1, WV1 "Dani"
CH. Davidsons Silver Wrath at Mitch
Davidsons Stealer of Hearts "Mrs. Beasley"
GCH. CH. Daybreaker's Glamorous, DOM "Fergie"
"Debbie" Armour
AM/CAN CH. DC's Precious Gem of Shadigee, CGC "Jewel"
CH. Denali's Black Diamond of Shoreline, CGC "Oreo"
Diamond Shoenthal
Dixie Sullivan
GCH. AM/MEX CH. DLG's Rainbow's End, DOM "Rainbow"
Doggone Tiger Lily "Lily"
CH. Dogwood's Dieter of Hi-Tech
Donnybrook's Second Time Around "Socks"
CH. Donray's Showdown at Westhaven "Gunner"
CAN CH. OTCH Dorado's Res Integra, AGN, DDX, RAE, American CDX, RA, NAP, CGN, HIC, TT, HIT
Draymia's Black Mask of Zorro "Zorro"
Draymia's Francesca Allegra "Chessie"
AM GCH. CH./CAN CH. Duba Dae's Who's Your Daddy, SOM, SOMG "Bosco"
Duke Helms
CH. Dusty Road's Run Don't Walk "Miley"
D-zul Signorlie
CH. Ein-Von's Declaration, CGC "Mickey"
CH. Ein-Von's Dealers Choice "Ace"
Ein-Von's Heaven Can Wait "Heaven"
CH. Ein-Von's Ice Queen of Justice "Isabel"
GCHB. CH. Ein-Von's Knocking Em Dead At Walbri "Jewel"
Elanwood's Cumarron Rose "Emmy Lou"
CH. Elanwood's Excellent Adventure "Buster"
Elanwood's I'm Houdini "Houdini"
Elanwood's Jumpstart Your Dream, CGC "Adam"
Elanwood's Little Lace "Cayla"
Elanwood's Movie Star "Fancie"
CH. Elanwood's Political Ambitions, RN, ANP, CGC
Elanwood's Precious Moments "Peanut Butter"
CH. Elanwood's Start the Fire "Billy Joel"
Elanwood's Strawberry Rose "Rosie"
Ellen's Alley July Four Barcomm "Indy"
Elliott Dejulio "Elliot"
CH. Ellis' Laissez Les Bon Temp Rouler, SOM "Roller"
CH. Elytes Independent Arrival "Rival"
Emma Cunningham-Swason
CAN CH. Emerald's Corporate Legacy "Lexi"
CH. Emerald's Corporate Takeover
AM/CAN CH. Emerald's Luciana at Eastwind, DOM "Lulu"
GCH. CH. Emerson Breho Soul Patrol of Windwood
AM/CAN CH. Emerson Breho Wild Lovein', CGC, NR, NAP, NJP, OAP, OJP, NAC, NJC, NTC, CD, RA "Ricky"
Encore's Anomar Legacy "Legacy"
CH. Encore's Flamenco IT, CGC "Carmel"
GCH. CH. Encore's One 'N Only, RN, HIC, CGC, TDI "Bristol"
GCH. CH. Encore's War Games, HIC, TT "Patton"
CH. Encore's Xanadu, DOM, TT "Xana"
Encore's Zip Drive, THDX, CGC "Zippy"
Enko's Brass Penny, CD, TT "Penny"
CH. Ensign's Causin Applause RN AXP AJP NFP "Statton"
GCHB. CH. Ensign's Future Link "Brody"
CH. Envision Talk Is Cheap, DOM "Miley"
CH. Everybody's Irish Top Dollar
CH. Evergreen's Bogart, SOM "Bogart"
CH. Evergreen's Cassiopeia "Cassie"
CH. Evergreen's Delight "Delight"
CH. Evergreen's Fire Fly "Phyllis"
CH. Evergreen's Gold Dust "Dusty"
CH. Evergreen's Happy's Luv "Luv"
CH. Evergreen's Indian Penny "Penny"
CH. Evergreen's Jasmine "Sierra"
CH. Evergreen's Mighty Dane "Dane"
Everybody's Irish Desert Gold
Everybody's Irish Paper Gold
Everybody's Smart Money
Ewing's How Sweet It Is "Honey"
Expectations' Promise of Pip "Bierta"
Fable Farrow
Faerdorn Dust Devil, UK "Eliza"
Faerdorn Raised on Rainbows at Idleforde
Fantom's Think Of Me "Cherree"
Farbeyond's Dark Enchantment "Liza"
CH. Farbeyond's Rocky Road "Zane"
Fender Murphy
Finnis T Buster
CH. Firestar's Carnival "Bailey"
CH. Firestar's Hot Ticket "Orville"
CH. Firestar's Indian Outlaw, SOM "Andrew"
CH. Firestar's Indian Rhapsody, CD, BN, RN "Sydney"
CH. Firestar's Indian Warrior, CD, BN, RN "Morgan"
CH. Firestar's Lindy Hop "Lindsey"
CH. Firestar's Paint the Town "Ruby"
Flashpoint's Special Charm "Diamond"
FLB Sarmeda Unforgettable DOM "Toula"
Fosseen's Nelly"
Foxwood's Radiance at Cove's Edge "Hannah"
CH. Foxwood's Inspiration at Cove's Edge "Demi"
Francesco Baruch
Fulco's Lolita of Willow Run
Furchtlos Freund v Bachbett, BH, CDX, TR3 "Sei"
GCH Galaroc & Ewing's Showdown SOM "Bronson"
Gamet's Foxfire of Donandru
Gamet's Genuine Risk
CH. Gemstone's I'm The Only One "Tigger"
Gig 'Em
"Girlfiend" Winig
Glennroe's Brandy Alexandria, AM/CAN CD, CGC
CH. Glennroe's Brandy 'N Cream
CH Glennroe Debut at Trail's End NAC, CGC "Abby"
CH. Glenroe's Tequila Sunrise, DOM
Golden's Gracious Gidget, CGC, TT "Crystal"
CH. Grand's Blast From The Past
CH. Halcyon Gilding the Lily "Gilda"
CH. Halcyon Q Cedar Chip, CGC
CH. Halcyon Tribute to Fire "Tyler
Haley's Winter Storm
Halo's Struttin My Stuff "Jake"
Hammond's Miss Lacey Jane
Hammond's Delilah Divah Divine
CH. Haberl's Forever Young, CD, RD "Skylar"
CH. Hallmark's Acclaim "Sophie"
Happy Gallemore
Harley (The MinPin who thought she was a Boxer)
Harley Signorile
Harlyn's Angel Eyes "Angel"
Harlyn's Fancy Face "Vanna"
Harpo the Marker, UDX "Harpo"
Harry Potter
CH. Hauphaus Gadabout Karlyna
CH. Hauphaus Heavy Duty
CAN CH.Heart Acres Kayleb of Jolis "Ryan"
Heart Acres Pearl at Rodlin
AM/MEX CH. Heleva Heart Stealer CD, TT, DOM
Hercynia's Scarlet Night V Cachet "Naomiee"
Hi County's Dusty Roads CD "Dusty"
Hi Desert N Paw Print in Plain Sight, HIC "Ruby"
Hi Hat's Ghignoideal Aram, CDX "Seamus"
CH. High Ridge's Bring'N Sexy Back
CH. Hi-Tech's Basic Edition, SOM "Derek"
Hi-Tech's Colorful Flame
CH. Hi-Tech's Mystic Design
CH. Hi-Tech's Northern Lights "Pixie"
CH. Hi-Tech's Rapture
Hi-Tech's Specialist of Lor-O
CH. Hi-Tech's Tara's Passion "Angelina"
Hi-Tide's Rainmaker of Raann's "Storm"
CH. HiTimes Wham Bam "Romeo"
Hiview's Royal Heartwind Hamlet "Bugs"
CH. Holly Lane's Gypsy Wind of Pax, CD
CH. Hollycrest's Aristocrat "Yukon"
Holyfeld's Answer to Evander "Jasper"
CAN CH. Honeycrest's Feisty Crusader
CH. Hopa's Something Magical "Merlin"
CH. Huffand's Double Date "Teri"
Huffand's Just Cause "Toby"
AM/CAN CH. Huffand 'N Arriba's Society Page, CGC, TDI "Barbie"
CH. Huffand's Arriba of KKn'K, DOM "Fancy"
CH. Huffand's Unforgettable "Trudy"
CAN CH. Irondale's En Vogue
Idleforde Desenzano
CH. Ilyrian's Trilogy "Auggie"
Indigo's Wynning Blackjack "Jack"
CH. Inspiration's Amazing Grace "Gracie"
CH. Inspiration's Reflection's On This "Selah"
Inspiration's Walks On Water "Carly"
AM/CAN CH. Irondale's Jagged Edge "Jagger"
Irondale N Barcomm's Danger Zone "Charlie"
CH J2's Doctor Big Bill Miller "Doc"
J-Lyn's EZ Double Trouble, DOM
Jacquet's Caught My Fancey, CD
Jacquet's Change of Hearts "Sophia"
Ch Jacquet's Destiny El Encanto "Destiny"
Jacquet's Heliocentric, CDX "Helio"
Jacquet's Lock Rock & Barrel
CH. Jacquet's Mocha El Encanto
CAN CH. (VB) Jacquet's Pinor Noir AM/CAN CD, RA, AM RN, TT "Pinot"
Jake Trainer
Jazzez Golden Girl at Wit's End "Ella"
CH. Jeagerhouse's Yama Canyon "Canyon"
CH. Jem's Pearl Jam, SOM "Jam"
CH Jems N Stevenstars Discovery, RN
Jemland's Stormy Weather, CDX "Rhett"
JenBur's Lady Shana
JenBur's Priceless Pinta
JeSaJay's Black and Brew "Sully"
GCH. CH. JeSaJay's Bubblin' Brew at ShadowRiver "Millie"
CH. JeSaJay's Nite Journey "Gabee"
JeSaJay's Rum Swizzle "Ellie"
JeSaJay's White Roman "Cesar"
Jett Nelson
Jinnybrux-Jon-Ross "J.R."
Jinxx Xcitable Boy Xeno "Xeno"
CH. Jo-El's Paparazzi of Shiralda "Chase"
CAN CH. JoCar's American Girl Doll, CGC "Addey"
AM/CAN GCH. CH. JoCar's Glamour Girl of Summer, CD, HIC "Gi GI"
JoCar's Pontiac GTO "Britney"
Joe Harris
Joda's Top Brass, CC, TT "Nicky"
CH. Jodi Emmy Murphy of Heritage "Emmy"
AM/CAN CH. Jordanna's Silk and Sabotage "Jacob"
JuBar's Eye Of The Tiger "Tye"
Julia's Chloe
Julia's Delilah
Juno's Aurora Evening Lux
Juno's Aurora Luminous Nox "Dobby"
Juno's Bianco Nuvolo "Bianca"
Juno's Lucky a Lady "Lady"
Juno's Sweet' n Sassy
CH. K-D's Buttons and Bows "Midge"
CH. Kalimar's Lady Dulcinea CGC "Dulci"
CH. Karjean Zingara Drama Queen "Greta"
CH. Kami-Ko N' Kini's Walk The Line "Cash"
CH. Katandy's Cascade "Blush"
GCH. CH. Katandy's Fast Forward, SOM "Frankie"
CH. Katandy's Kandy at Wit's End "Kandy"
CH. Katandy's Light My Fire@Show Tyme "Torch"
CH. Katandy's Magic Pixie Dust, DOM
CH. Katandys Night Magic "Laurel"
Katandy's Reagans Quest "Quest"
Katandy's Time Line "Tessa"
Kayla Germaine
Kee's Royal Ravel "Mercedes"
CH. Keil's High Fidelity "Shelly"
CH. Kellymar's Supreme Decision "Justice"
CAN OTCH Kemsey's Kascius Klay "Oggie"
CH Kenasher's Blessed Assurance "Bliss"
CH. Kenasher's Chance Encounter "Chance"
Kenasher's Over the Rainbow "Oz"
CH. Kenon's Gold Currency "Cooper"
CH. Kenon's I Believe in Magic "Karli"
AM/CAN GCH. CH. KG Halcyon Fire King, SOM "King"
CH. Kiebla's Tradition of Turo
Kismet's Meant to be at Wit's End
Kiss Me Once Again "Stormie"
"Kona" Clark/Bacon
Konighof's Boxella John "John"
Kooper Peterson
Korbel's Totally Exposed "Tanner"
CH. Kreyon's Burnished Gold
CH. Kreyon's Non-Pareil
CH. Kreyon's Razzle Dazzle "Jesse"
Kreyon's Twice as Nice
KZ's Breho Sonji Look Out "Sonji"
Ladi Lucks Magic in Motion of Ewing "Emma"
"Laila" . . . RUN FREE . . . Sweet Laila OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE
"Landie" Butler
Lar-San's Diamonds and Pearls "Annie"
GCH. CH. LattaLane's Kiss Me I'm Irish "Mia"
LattaLane's Movin' On Out "Chase"
Lazy K's Anything Goes
Lazy K's About Last Knight "Janie"
Lazy K's Lazy Knights
CH. Lazy K's Red Sky at Knight
CH. Legendary's Lethal Weapon, RN "Hunter"
Liam Frodsham
CH. Liberti's Forever First Class "Peyton"
Llewellyn's Depoe Bay
Llewellyn's Lager of Rollromp, CDX, TT
MACH3 Lemko's Super Star Strummer, MXG,MJB2, OF, T2B "Strummer"
Lexus Henry
Lily Madonna Mia "Lily"
AM/CAN CH. Logan Elm Runs at Heart Acre, SOM, SOMC "Logan"
ICH. LRM Dreams of Kenai "Roxy"
LRM Serco Debonaire Dude "Austin"
ICH. LRM Serco Double Delight "Chyna"
Lucy Dawg Jenkins
"Lucious" Leonard
ICH. Lykmyn Take a Chance on Me CGC, BN, RN "Booker"
Ma Sue's Hot Summer at Harlyn "Summer"
Macie Singh
Magnus Tamburo
Mahogany's Best of Times "Jo"
CH. Mahogany's First Mate "Jenny"
GCH. CH. Mahogany's It's About Time "Abbey"
GCHS. CH. Mahogany's Mi Own Sweet Time "Molly"
CH. Mahogany's Moon Shadow "Shadow"
GCHS. CH. Mahogany's Will O' The Wisp "Winston"
Marco Ontell
Majestic's Dare To Dream
Major Stormin Norman Wilkinson
GCHS CH Mahogany's Will O'the Wisp "Winston"
CH. Marburl's Mykonos "Mickie"
Marne's Phoenix Rising
Marpal's Take It To The Max CD, RN, CGC, TT "Jake" (spine donor)
CH. Marquam Hill's Flamingo
CH. Mauna Kea's Alii CD, TT
CH Maxl's Bombshell DOM "Kelly"
GCH. CH. Maxl's Stay Gold "Hudson"
Max Tucker
CH. McCoy's Peprhl Parademaster, CD, OA, OAJ, RE (TDIA) "Raider"
McFarland's Sash Sings to Cheyenne, CGC "Sasha"
CH. Mephisto's Just One Look "Justine"
Mica's Amanda Grace "Gracie"
CH. Mica's John Ross v Jopa "JR"
CH. Mica's Prince Charming "Prince"
Michele's Adrien Lewis, CGC "Adrien"
Mickey O'Neill
GCH CH Minstrel's My Way or The Highway "June"
Minstrel's Sheila Rose "Sheila Rose"
Miss Sydney Pearl Hall, CD, BN, GN, RAE,OA,AXJ, AXP, NF Rati, Ratn, Rato "Sydney"
Miss T
Misty Valley's Curtain Call, SOM
Misty Valley's Music Man
CH. Misty Valley's Showcase
Misty Valley's Star Turn
CH. Mistiblu's Day Dreamer "Scarlett"
"Molly" (The Sheltie-mix who thought she was a Boxer)
CAN CH. Moonlight's Standing Ovation "Lexus"
Moosewood's Bella Dolce Vivianna "Reba"
Moosewood's Black Saphyre "Sophie"
CH. Moosewood's Major League, CA, CGC
Moosewood's Tennessee Reign "Tanners"
Ms. Abby Wilkison
CCH. Mueller's Touch of Magic "Ricki"
MV News Flash
MV Southern Style
CH. Mylife's Piece O' Work of Raann "Liza Jane"
Mystic's Future Edition "Marcello"
Mystique Desert Mystery "Mysi"
Newcastle's All For One "Jake"
Newcastle's Valentine Surprise
Nhaya Drake
Nicholas Arasi
Nordhafen's Lady Avalon
Oak Knoll's N Midnight Sky's It's Only Make Believe "Conway"
Oliver Atherton "Ollie"
Olivia, CGC
One for the Money at Wit's End "Olivia"
Oscar F Taylor
Opal Connolly
Oscar Elliott
Owlay's Fancy Me
CH. Owlay's Heart Throb
Owlay's Key To My Heart "Abby"
CH. Owlay's Showboat
CH. Owlay's Zannadu
Patrick's First Serve "Borg"
Patrick's Return of Serve "Connors"
Payne's Romancing the Stone "Julie", DOM
CH. Paw Print's Moment In Time
Pawz IV Back to Basics
Pawz IV Simply Irresistible
Pax' Belladonna "Belle"
Pax' Britannicus
Pax' Cardinal
CH. Pax' Clarion, CD "Ryan"
Pax' Corvus
Pax' Dragonmaid, CD
Pax' Dragonstar, CD
Pax' Gemma
Pax' Mardi Gras, CD
Pax' Perpetua
Pax' Sursum Corda "Cord"
Pax' Tantum Ergo "Max"
Pax' Trico
CH. Pax' Victoria Regina, CD "Vickie"
CH. Pearlisle Overnight in Memphis "Memphis"
AM/CAN CH. Pearlisle Replica of Standing-O, CD, CA "Ditto"
CH. Pearlisle N' Standing O Risk Factor, SOM "Archie"
CH. Pearlisle Standing-O for Bix-L "Doc"
GCH. CH. Pearlisle's Trial By Fire CGC "Meghan"
CH. Peprhl's Dance Fever, VCD1, BN, RE, AXP, AJP, THD, CGC "Disco"
Peprhl's Double the Fun "Echo"
Peprhl Life's A Dream with Deblyn, VCD2, CDX, TDX, RE,AX, AXJ, RATN, PT "Ziva"
CH. Pheasant Hollow's Cause for Applause "Pastina"
Philamalie at Wit's End CGC
Pine Flats "Jenny"
Prince Tobias of Justice "Toby"
Puppy Dietz
R & G's Walk the Line "Johnny"
CH. R-Dan's Sonny Boy
CH. Raineylane Amity Hall Ambiance, TT
GCHB CH. Raineylane’s Simply Irresistible "Iris"
CH. Raklyns Celebrating Rings of Fire "Monte"
CH. Raklyn's Celebration, DOM "Desiree"
GCH. CH. Raklyns Elytes Alex in Pinstripes v Shilo "Alex"
AM/MEX CH. Raklyns High Stakes at Ivylane SOM, TT "Gambler"
CH. Raklyns Monte Carlo "Carly"
CH. Rakylns Showboat SOM "Sailor"
CH. Raklyns Stealing the Show, SOM "Stealer"
GCH. CH. Raklyns The Bronx MVP at Third, SOM "Arod"
Raklyn's Ultimate Elegance "Ellie"
Raklyn's Ebony of Summit Ash
Raklyn's Eveready "Sparky"
Ramelow's Cezar
Rave II
Ch. Raypat's Bit O Honey "Ollie"
Rebellion Galileo Nose-A-Lot, RN, SWA, SCM, SIS, SEE
CH. Rebellions Aim High "Hope"
GCH. CH. Rebellion's Be All You Can Be, PT, RN "Mascot"
Rebellions Phenomenon of Light "Prism"
Rebellion's Undaunted Courage
RedDawn's Dun Roamin' "Roam"
RedDawn's After Midnight "Sam"
RedDawn's Bay Rhum "Boca"
RedDawn's Dun Roamin' "Roam"
RedDawn's Inside Straight "Cleo"
RedDawn's Justa Splash "Splash"
RedDawn's Rogue Wave "Rogue"
OTCH CH Regal's Heeere's Johnny, UDX, RN
CH. Regal Hitech Picasso of Darvick "Pablo"
Renny Tully
Reuben, CD, BN, RN, HIC "Reuben"
Rico's Little Hot Rod TDIA TDIAOV, TDIRVA,TDIEOIA, CGC "Gracie" Service Dog
CH. Riverridge Freckled Playgirl, DOM "Jasmine"
AM/CAN GCH. CH. River Ridge Man About Town, CGC "Rudy"
GCH. CH. River Ridge Sound Decision
RJ's Yankee Grand Slam "Jeter"
Roc-A-Baby's Major Estoperpetuo, CD
Rocca's Desert Fox Of Cayman "Rommel"
Rochil's Black Magic Woman "Cydnee"
CH. Rockwel's Sable on Blonde "Sophie"
Rodlin's Destination Unknown, CD "Destiny"
AM/CAN CH. Rodlin's Touched By an Angel "Angel"
CH. Ronard's Song of Sampson "Sam"
CH. Ronard's Toujours Moi "MiMi"
CH. Rosend's Corporate Raider, SOM "Cory"
CH. Rosend's Hello Dolly
CH. Rosend's Imagine "Johnnie"
CH. Rosend's Key Largo "Bogie"
CH. Rosend's Lady Day "Billie"
CH. Rosend's Right On The Money, FN, CGC, SOM "Cash"
CH. Rosend's Satchmo "Satch"
CH. Rosend's Sophisticated Lady DOM "Sophie"
CH. Rosend's Time After Time "Cyndi"
CH. Rosend's Uptown Girl, DOM "Gabby"
Roxy Strandberg "Roxy"
"Ruby" Bertolus
CH. Rummer Run's Capri "Capri"
Rummer Run’s Jingle Jangle "JJ"
Rummer Run’s Rabble Rouser "Rabble"
Rummer Run's Tug of War "Tug"
CH. Rustics Autumn Mist "Mist"
CH. Salgray's Ambush
CH. Salgray's Auntie Mame
CH. Salgray's Battle Chief
CH. Salgray's Black Tie
CH. Salgray's Boston Blackie
CH. Salgray's Bojangle
CH. Salgray's Bow Tie
CH. Salgray's Buckeroo
CH. Salgray's Call Me Madam
CH. Salgray's Cappuchino
CH. Salgray's Cavalier
Salgray's Classical Man "Mozart"
CH. Salgray's Expresso
CH. Salgray's Fame of Evergreen "Nellie"
CH. Salgray's Flamecrest
CH. Salgray's Flaming Ember
CH. Salgray's Fashion Plate
CH. Salgray's Flying High
CH. Salgray's Frolic
CH. Salgray's Jitterbug
CH. Salgray's Market Wise
CH. Salgray's Minute Man
CH. Salgray's Showstopper
CH. Salgray's Retaliation
CH. Salgray's Valentino
CH. Salgray's V.I.P
Sam Hughes
GCH. CH. Sarmeda FLB Tide Rider "Rider"
UK/IR CH. Sandcliffe Snog in the Fog at Jimbren "Woody"
CH. Sandhill's Gold Camp "Julie"
CH. Sandhill's Honor Guard "Cruise"
Sandhill's Misty Twilight "Misty"
CH. Sandhill's Sun A'Fire "Larry"
Sarkel Litter
Sarkel's Only A Dream Away "Spring"
CH. Sarkel's True Image By Hi-Stand "Bella"
Sassy Bost "Sassy"
CH. Sassy's Seasmoke Of FOxen "Thor"
CH. Sassy's Texas Star of Cayman
Sassy's Whimsical Star of Cayman "Macey"
CH. Savoye's Santana Star "Star"
Schoental's Benson "Benson"
Schoental's Buddy "Buddy"
Schoental's Hamish
Schoental's Herr Felsig "Rocco"
Schoental's Herr Joseph "Reilly"
Schoental's Fraulein Helga
Schoental’s Fraulein Katerina
Schoental's Fraulein Katrina, CGC "Katie"
CH. Schoental's Fraulein Maria Teresa, CDX, RA, THD
CH. Schoental's Fraulein Rebekah, CD, CGC "Bailey"
Schoental's Fraulein Sofia
CH. Schoental's Jakob "Jakob"
Schoental's Jackson "Jackson"
GCH. CH. Schoental's Michel of Memory Lane, CDX, RA, THD
Schoental's Miss Blue Bonnet "Bonnie"
Schoental's Tigger "Tigger"
Schoental's Tobias
Semper Fi Stealing Home, CDX, RAE, NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP "Maddux"
Semper Fi Triple Nickel "Nick"
CH. Shadigee’s Gift of Gab at Pearlisle
CH. Shadow River's Feel The Heat, TT "Mojo"
GCH. CH. Shadow River 'N Rodeo's Jazzin It Up, CGC, CA, RN "Jazzie"
Shadow's Dacquiri CGC, RN "Spike"
Shadow's Khalahari, UD "Dillon"
CAN CH. Shadowdale's One More Chance "Chance"
Shamai's Just Makin Waves "Shimmer"
Ch. Shamai's Lipstick Jungle "Neko"
Sharledar's Divine Illusion "Zeva"
CH Sharledar's Divine Miss M "Emmy"
CH. Sharledar's Crown Jewel "Ruby"
HC CT Shera's Great Expectations "Pip" VCD1, TDU, BN, RA AX, AXJ, NF, NJP, HSAds, HXAsM, HIBs, HXBs, CGC, TKS
GCH. CH. Shilo's Glitter GIrl of Jocar "Gia"
NI, NC, MACH Shira's Kahlua She's so Freakin Cute CDX, GN, RAE, MXB, MJB, MXP2, MXPB, MJP2, MXF, SWN, SBA, CGC, NW1, NW2, NW3, L1V, L2V, NW3, Elite NW3-C, NW3-E, NW3-I, NW3-V, ELT1, ELT2, ELT3 "Kahlua"
GCH. CH. Shira's Velvet Sensation RN, CGC
CH. Shiralda's A Wanderin Nymph, CGC "Wandi"
GCH CH Shiralda's It's Magic "Magic"
AM/CAN CH. Showline's Storytime "Story"
Silkwood's Bramble Patch
Sir Bernard, Duke of Midtown, CDX "Barney"
Sir Handsome Blazin Romeo Sweetheart "Romeo"
Sir Lancelot
Sir Thunderous Maximus
Ch. Sirrocco's Private Love Songs "Diva"
AM/CAN CH. Sirrocco's Special Premier, AM/CAN CD, CGC
CH. Skidoo's Sincerely Yours, DOM "Lexi"
CH. Skidoo's Wild Card "Joker"
Sonny Ray deMariano
CH. Southgate's Dream A Lil Dream
CH. Spicehills Reap the Wind "Dove"
CH. Spring Willow's Suzy Q "Suzy"
"Sprite" Thompson
CH. Standing-O Back to the Future at Raklyn "Smudge"
CH. Standing-O Galaxie Gasheron "Allagash"
Star Haven's Classic Garnet "Blush"
Star Haven's Diamond N Lace
Star Haven's Dream Serenade "Sere"
Star Haven's My Father's Son "J.R."
Stella DeBroff
AM/CAN CH. Stevenstar's Crown Jewel "Ruby"
Stevenstar's Jesse Goes Gold "Jesse"
CH. Stevenstar's Sasha Benjamin "Jack"
Stewie's Dog
CH. Storybook Bound In Glory "Paris"
Storybook's Shake It Up "Wally"
CH. Storybook's Spring Loaded "Demi"
CH. Storybook's Make Believe "Annie"
Storybook's She's Got You "Wednesday"
CH. Storybook Tall Tale "Shrek"
CH. Strawberry's Bandit
Streamlines Rising with the Sun "Heidi"
Sunchase California Dreamin', UD
Sugar Hill Bit-O-Honey "Snickers"
Sugar Hill Carmel Delight
Sugar Hill Sugar Baby
CH. Sugar Hill Tailor Made, NA, NAJ, BCAT, CGC, TKI “Tailor”
Sugar Ray deMariano
Summerbird's Hit Parade at Lazy K "Elvis"
Summerbird's Social Butterfly "Spunky"
AM/CAN CH. Summer's Blackjack of Shadigree AM/CAN SOM "Blackjack"
CH. Summit Ash on Ice at Raklyn "Chili"
Sunar's Allure of Dusty Roads "Ally"
Sunar's Lennox Lewis
Sunchase's The New Black, UDX, OM2, RN, AX, AXJ, OF, CA, CGCA "Evynne"
CH. Sundarby's Kickin-N-Screaming "Garth"
Sunni Frodsham
Surfdoms Nauti Nymph at Joe-El "Lulu"
CH. Surfdoms Prince of Tides
GCH. CH. Surfdoms Sailing with the Seadog
MACH Sweet Beau Regards 2 You, UD "Beau"
Sweet Georgie Girl UDX2 ,MX, MXJ, MXP,AJP
CAN CH. Syrr Run's Gold Nugget
AM/CAN CH. Syrr Run's Fortune Tella "Tella"
T's & Q's Tribute To Wit's End
CH. Tadd's All American Hero "Ranger"
CH. Tadd's Bluecollar King of Cool
CH. Tadd's Jezebel "Jezze"
CH. Tafkan's Raging Storm
CH. Tafkan's Remember Me
CH. Taj's Devil May Care at Caper
CH. Telstar's Goodtime Handsome Jack "Jack"
CH. Telstar's Gorgeous George
Telstar's Masked Bandit "Bandit"
Telstar's Shadow Dancer
CH. Tenebo's Cover Girl "Annie"
CH. Tenebo's Perfect Storm at Cove's Edge
CH. Tenebo's Taj Storm Trooper "Trooper"
ICH. Teryl's Just Call Me Angel "Angel"
TJ's Jammin Joey "Joey"
CH. TJ's Miss Parker, DOM "Parker"
Tommy Copper Nugget of Mahiloa, CGC, RN, CDX "Nugget"
AM/CAN CH. Tradonalee's Classic Centurion
CH. Treceder's Jazzy Jet, CD, SOM
Trefoil's Meistersinger
UCDX Trefoil's Ring Commander UD, RAE, VER, CGC, TDI, HIC "Buck"
CH. Trefoil's Stonewall Jackson "Jackson"
CH. Trefoil's Strictly Ballroom
Trifecta's Celebration of Dornlea "Rica"
ICH. Trifecta's COsmic De Ja Vue "Monte"
Trifecta's Heart Acre Yahtzee "Lena"
Trifecta's Lilly of the Valley "Lilly"
Trifecta's Rhyme N Reason "Inca"
Trifecta's Simply Stellar "Stella"
Trifecta's We Got Color Heart Acre "Moochie"
CH. Trimador's Maple Bud Fourteen "Keon"
CH. Trusty's Mustang Sally "Sally"
TuRo's Femme Fatal
Twin Lakes Wish Upon a Star
Twinkle Star V Eurozone, SOM, IP01, BH 10 "Maffy"
CH. Ty-Can's Kisses from Above "PJ"
Uncle Jack "Jack"
Valrae's Sweet August Rain "Anderson"
CH. Van Ryper's Charisma
CH. Vancroft's Myde Impressive "James"
Vern Powell
Vici Miller
Vihabra's Desert Fox "Panzer"
Vihabra's High Command "Patton"
Vihabra's Flying Solo of Cayman "Mandy"
CH. Vihabra's Seal of Approval "Champ"
Vihabra's Tender Trap "CoCo"
CH. Vik-Torious Cowboy Baba Ghanoosh
Von Helm's Lily of the Valley "Lily"
CAN CH. Von Velohaus Bolero "Ava"
GCHB. CH. Walbri Pawsitively Chillin' "Junior"
Wardrobe's Imago
Wardrobe's Silver Gauntlet
We-R's Halston of Winhart
Webster Scatterday
CH. Wesan's Zachariah "Zach"
Westhaven's Jaded lady "Jade"
Westhaven's Lantana "Lana"
Westhaven's Princess Ty "Ty-Ty"
CH. Whirlwind's Image of Striker "Daphne"
Ch. Whirlwind's Sizzle "Camille"
ICH. White Pines Grand Slam at Dunnford "Ace"
CH. Wicca's Dream Big and Dare, BN,RN "Daring"
Wicca's Lord Maximilian "Max"
CH. Wiemer's Hawkeye De Jacquet, CGC, TDI
CH. Wilmor's Rambling Rose "Kanto"
Wilmor's Rumor Has It of Standing-O "Gabby"
Windwood's Heart to Heart "Garrett"
Winfall's Sensational Style
Wishpaw's Isle Of Capri "Capri"
Wit's End Dream on Harlyn "Bree"
CH. Whirlwind's Sizzle "Camille"
Wonderful Wilbur
Wood's End Undisputed Knockout "Kayo"
Wookie Miller
Woodview's Rumba at Rico "Bruno"
CH Xtreme One Singular Sensation
Zandels Rebel Rowzer
AM/CAN CH. Zaracon's Rais'n the Stakes "Declan"
CH. Zenko's Northern Light "Aley"
Zoey, UD
Zeus Boutilier "The Zeuster"
Zeus Kendis


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