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In 1995 a small group of people who loved the Boxer breed, decided that it was time to "give back" to the breed that gives us so much. This resulted in the formation of the American Boxer Charitable Foundation. The Mission of the Foundation is simple. It is simply to raise money to be used to fund research into the health-related issues that face our beloved breed. This means all of our breed ... from the fine showdogs, to the Obedience, Agility and Performance dogs, beloved family pets and even the abandoned Rescue Boxers that break our hearts. It benefits Boxers with cropped or uncropped ears ... as well as fawn, brindle and white Boxers. We are about the health of our breed! All of our breed.

The Foundation then had to devise means to raise the money needed to pay for the research that needed to be done. To accomplish this Mission, we utilize fundraisers and these fundraisers fall into two categories ... Donors and Supporters.


This list includes those who help with our largest fundraiser, our Annual Auction held at our National Specialty Show in May of each year. This event is manned entirely by volunteers and generous Boxer lovers donate all of the items. It's truly amazing to see how each year, the volunteers show up, the items flow in and the room fills with people willing to spend money to help our breed. It is an evening that truly puts the FUN back in FUNdraising.

Also included under the heading of "Donors" are those who donate to our Endowment Fund through Memorials and Honorariums. If you want to remember or donate in the name of a friend or Boxer, simply send your donation (along with the name and address of the family) to the Foundation and we will send a lovely acknowledgement card to the family of the person/dog that you are honoring.

Another form of support is to purchase any of the varied Boxer items we sell. Please remember that the profits from each of these items are used to fund research for our Boxers! What a wonderful way to help our breed.


2023 - Help us find out why dogs get lymphoma!

2022 - ARVC2 Gene Variant Identified: Another Piece to Aid Understanding of the Boxer Heart Disease

2021 - DNA Disease Testing Tools to Guide Breeding Decisions

2021 - Grant 02528: Developing a Next Generation Sequencing Diagnostic Platform for Tickborne Diseases

2021 - Grant 02806-MOU: Strategic Prevention of Canine Hemangiosarcoma: Lifetime Follow-Up

2021 - Grant 02550: The Role of Bartonella spp. Exposure and Cardiac Genetic Variation on the Clinical Expression of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy in the Boxer Dog

2021 - Grant 02519: Prevalence of Bartonella spp. Infection in Dogs with Cardiac and Splenic Hemangiosarcomas within and between Geographic Locations

2021 - Grant 02452-A: Targeting the T helper Inflammatory Pathway in Meningoencephalomyelitis of Unknown Origin (MUO)

2021 - Grant 02321: Clinical Trial of Procaspase-3 Activator (PAC-1) in Combination with Hydroxyurea for Treatment of Canine Meningioma - FINAL

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